Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 Page    - Final Update 01/26/05

RIP - my SL-C700 'died' 01/20/05 and wouldn't turn on. After booting to the diagnostic menus (Fn + D + M) after several attempts that generated various error messages I managed to do a NAND erase followed by a NAND restore to get back my SL-C700. After three days the unit froze up and then again would not turn on. I got into the diagnostic menus again, but received error messages trying NAND erase, NAND restore, etc. After two days of trying to erase and restore from multiple CFs and SDs, etc. I was unable to restore my C700 and had to bite the bullet and buy a SL-C3000 -- Note: All future updates will be to this SL-C3000 page

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The following are screen shots of:
The main screens   -  Image Pad   -   HancomSheet and Word   -   Calendar   -   Random screen captures
Netfront 3.0   -   Clock, PDF Viewer, and City Time   -   Explorer  - by The Kompany  -   System Info
SL-C700 Desktop Connectivity & Outlook Sync   and   GroupWise Connectivity (first try)

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