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Quick Impressions: The C3000 seems bulkier and a little heavier than my C-700 with the extended battery. I'm not that crazy about the white "iPoddish" look... I do like the individual keys on the keyboard (vs. the membrane-type keyboard of the C700), having a separate Ctrl key, and the revamped Cancel/OK/directional pad. Some of the slots, etc. have been moved around, and I find myself continually trying to turn the C3000 on and off at the back (the on/off button is now on the front). I immediately tossed the cheesy plastic stylus in favor of my 3-in-1 stylus. It took several hours installing all my software to the SL-C3000 and putting back my info - luckily I was very regular to back up data files from IQnotes, SafeDee, Mileage, Qashmoney, etc. so did not loose any of this important information.

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