Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 Desktop Connectivity

The software CD that comes with the SL-C700 is entirely in Japanese. However if you want it in English you can download the SL-5500 v3 Zaurus OS and Synchronization Upgrade software from here. and install it to get a working setup in English. (Note: 66 MB file!). This assumes you are connecting to a W2K computer...

Then you can backup your zaurus, do file transfers, and synchronize with Outlook's calendar, address book, tasks, notes, and to-dos.

The following screenshot shows Intellisync running and synchronizing the zaurus. The zaurus sync is the dialog box on the top left, the one on the bottom right is a Blackberry synching at the same time.

I had previously installed tkcCalendar from The Kompany. When running Outlook sync the dialog boxes showed records being read and written, however when I fired up the calendar app there were no records visible. So I uninstalled tkcCalendar, only to find that the original app would no longer run. Luckily the fix for this was out on the ZUG FAQ here. Of the two methods shown I used the first method for my stock SL-C700, i.e.

On the Sharp SL5500 2.x ROMs and SL5000D 1.x ROMs run the following commands in the terminal:

1) cd /home/QtPalmtop/bin
2) ln -sf /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/bin/datebook datebook
3) ln -sf /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/bin/addressbook addressbook
4) ln -sf /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/bin/todolist todolist
5) cd /
6) tar xvf /root/.home_default.tar home/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications/datebook.desktop
7) tar xvf /root/.home_default.tar home/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications/addressbook.desktop
8) tar xvf /root/.home_default.tar home/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications/todo.desktop

Then restart Qtopia.

And, lo and behold, I had my calendar synced. See a picture of the calendar app below, and more Calendar pictures here.

© SNi 11/16/03