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People Mover opening date set

Opening festivities scheduled for June 26-27

The Clarian
People Mover trains traveling back and forth between Clarianís downtown campuses will soon become a common sight in Indianapolis. The system will make it possible to travel from one Clarian downtown facility to another in just five minutes.

The grand opening date for Clarianís People Mover light-rail system has been set. Mark your calendar and save the following dates: 

Thursday, June 26 
Media and city officials get a first-hand look at Clarianís new light-rail transportation system. 

Friday, June 27 
Clarian employees and other members of the Indianapolis community are invited to jump on board and take a ride from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Saturday, June 28 
The People Mover begins its normal 24/7 schedule, running between Clarianís downtown campuses. 

   Clarianís People Mover will transport an estimated 500,000 passengers each year. Clarian staff, volunteers, affiliated physicians, patients and visitors will be able to go from one downtown Clarian campus to another in just five minutes.
   The system is key to the organizationís nurse recruitment and retention efforts, and will make all of Clarianís downtown facilities much more accessible to IU Medical School students. It also is the first tangible piece of progress in the development of the cityís highly publicized life sciences initiative.

   Watch future issues of The Clarian for more information about People Mover grand opening activities.