OPED44 What To Do in Iraq - Part I

The mainstream consensus seems to have finally come around to the realization that the current course in Iraq is not working, and that changes need to be made. This change was catalyzed by the results of the recent U.S. elections.... Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, prior to the elections (May 15th, 2006) President Bush set up the Iraq Study Group under the co-leadership of James Baker and Lee Hamilton to examine the matter and come up with policy recommendations re how to move forward. This group is expected to deliver its recommendations next month (December). Some of the panel's ideas have been floated as trial balloons over the past month or two.

However, prior to discussing what changes ought to be made in policy and practice, it is worth discussing the 'mental' changes that need to be made by the folks making the decisions re what is to happen 'on the ground.' This OPED will briefly cover the most important mental adjustments that need to be made, a subsequent OPED will speak to changes that should be made 'on the ground.'

Bottom line: before making any meaningful changes in its Iraq policy the U.S. administration (and Washington power-brokers) need to make some simple but needed mental changes, and also study up a little...

© SNi 11/22/06