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The news media often comes in for a lot of criticism - folks on the right decry the media's 'liberal bias' while folks on the left denounce media concentration, arguing that most of the media is owned by a small number of large corporations and thus is cozy with those in power. The truth is far more prosaic. Rather than some vast, subterranean conspiracy to shade the news one way or the other, it is a sad fact that the majority of journalists are simply sloppy or lazy. Many content themselves with regurgitating the pap that is fed to them, are too lazy to do the work required to really dig into issues and to find the truth, stick with the conventional wisdom, and have a hard time separating fact from opinion and commentary. A few recent examples are illustrative:

In conclusion, the majority of news reporting is simplified, simplistic, and 'dumbed down'. Despite this sad state of affairs the number of news sources is so great that it is still possible to keep abreast of the reality. However it takes a determined effort, a significant investment of time, and the use of multiple information sources - newspapers, radio, television, magazines, the Web, etc.

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