OPED37 Victory ?:

The war in Iraq will end soon, in days or perhaps in weeks... Right now it is unclear whether it will be necessary to invest Baghdad block by block or whether the regime will suddenly collapse as it reaches SecDef Rumsfeld's "tipping point," leaving only mop-up operations... No matter the timeline the end point is not in doubt, the Saddam regime will eventually be defeated. But "victory" will not be achieved by this relatively simple action. Victory will be hard to define and even harder to attain. What is necessary to ensure a long-term success? The U.S. administration can not content itself with military success, it will have to also achieve positive results in the political arena. Below are some of the pre-requisites:

In conclusion, military victory is near but it would be a mistake to define victory so narrowly. A much larger view and approach will be necessary to ensure a true 'victory', and successes across a whole range of issues will be necessary to parlay the removal of Saddam into a true advance for the Middle East and the United States.

© SNi 03/25/03