OPED36 Deception & Treachery:

In the unfolding Gulf War II, Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. military leaders have denounced Iraqi "perfidy and treachery", and the tactics they have used. For example the Iraqi military has stationed many of its assets in close proximity to civilians, in order to gain a measure of protection. Some Iraqi troops have shed their uniforms but continued to fight. Others have appeared to surrender, but then have fired on U.S. troops. A number of 'irregulars', e.g. Saddam's fedayeen, have harassed U.S. troops from the shelter of civilian homes.
While reprehensible and against the rules of war, these tactics should absolutely have been both expected and planned for by U.S. military planners. Given the overwhelming superiority of U.S. forces, both technical and operational, Iraqi troops know they would be signing their death warrants by stationing themselves in areas where they could be picked off and killed by cruise missiles and bombs. With zero air cover, even in the very unlikely case that they proved a match for coalition armor, the Iraqis know that coalition forces could simply pull back and call in an aerial bombardment to pulverize their dug-in forces.... The fact that they are on the wrong side of history does not make them suicidal!

© SNi 03/24/03