Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 "Must Have" Software - Opie Reader

Opie Reader is a reader for the following formats: "Doc" format - (also known as the original Aportis or AportisDoc format), Weasel or ztxt format, Plucker format, gzipped text, and plain text with special handling of PML or HTML marked-up text. The screen shots below show Opie Reader as an offline reader for plucker downloads from the BBC new site, done using JPluckX

Opie Reader can zoom in or out to get pictures and a font at a size you are comfortable with...

You can customize what is on your toolbar (from file, navigation, view, and mark settings), as well as the position of the toolbar. The screenshot below has the toolbar on the bottom, with the following: Menu, Settings, Open, Tidy, Find, Scroll, Page Up, Page Down, Back, Home, Forward, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Annotate. The Scroll function works really well, and the image scrolls smoothly without any jerkiness... You can also make annotations to your material.

In addition to having all your favorite commands on the toolbar you can also map them to your keyboard, allowing you to do everything from the keyboard (rather than the touchscreen...)

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