XM MyFi Satellite Receiver

Delphi has come out with the handheld MyFi receiver, which "features the first-ever built-in XM antenna, a built-in wireless FM transmitter (making any FM radio an XM radio), and an integrated, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery." Go here for Delphi's announcement. Read the C|Net review, a review at XM411, and information at XM's MyFi page

Out of the box you get enough to use it in your car (cradle, three mounting options, power, external antenna), at home (stand, power, cables to output the sound through your stereo, external antenna), and as a "walkman" (belt clip, belt pouch, optional antenna to improve reception). You also get a remote control:

The MyFi is somewhat chunky, see it next to an iPod Mini and a Rio 500:

It's specs are:

MyFi in a Honda CRV (using vent mount):

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