Sony 8GB Micro Vault Pro with Ceedo

This is a Sony hard drive smaller than a business card that can store 8GB. It has a USB connector plug on an arm that can be swiveled up to 180 degrees. Included is Auto Sync file synchronization software... if you install this on your PC, then when you plug the MicroVault Pro into your USB port it automatically synchronizes the Micro Vault Pro with designated directories on your PC. Hi-Speed USB 2.0. Install Ceedo on the MVP and carry your "personal working environment" with you - browser, programs, etc. Plug into any USB port, launch Ceedo, then browse the web, run programs, etc., all off the Ceedo Compact Bar on your MVP. When done, eject Ceedo, and you are on your way, without leaving files on the 'host' PC...

AutoSync file synchronization:

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