RIM Blackberry 8700g - My Ringtones

If you want your own ringtones you can load them to your 8700g as mp3 or wav files. Note: there is an upper size limitation that you should not exceed (300K??, 512K??). Use any number of freeware/shareware/commercial software programs to clip your mp3 e.g. Goldwave

Once you have your mp3 ringtone there are two ways to get it on your BB 8700g. If you can host your mp3 or wav file, open the url in the BB browser, then save the file.... You can set it as your ringtone right here, or by editing your Profile.

An alternate way to get the ringtone on your BB 8700g is explained in this Blackberry Forums thread

A couple of ringtones I have generated:    Habaitek bi Essaif   First 34 seconds of a Fairuz rendition.   -   Salut   A female French voice letting you know that you have a call to answer...

If you don't want to make your own, do a Google search or search Blackberry Forums, etc., there are thousands out there ready to go...

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